How to make a second marriage work

Think, rethink, and then think again: You’ve been married before, so it’s normal that you’ll find yourself analyzing the possibility of remarrying over and over again.

Think, rethink, and then think again: Mental health counselor Amy Sherman suggests asking yourself this question.

Watch out for red flags: Speaking of red flags, what are the things you definitely don’t want in a relationship.

Don’t rush it: It’s very important that you take the time to heal and organize yourself.

Don’t rush it: Equally important is to take the time to get to know your new partner well.

Are you healed from your previous relationship: A divorce is tough and it can indeed be very hard to go through and heal completely.

Have you spent some time on your own: It’s important to stay single for a while after divorce.

Are you marrying for the right reasons: Some people really don’t want (or know) how to be alone.

Are you marrying for the right reasonn: But fear of being alone is not the only bad reason to get married again.

You might end up marrying the same type of person: We are creatures of habit, so it’s very likely that you will feel attracted to someone who feels familiar.

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