How to make Friends with benefits

What does friends with benefits mean? - A friends with benefits (FWB) relationship is when two friends mutually agree on having a sexual relationship with no strings attached.

Make sure you're emotionally mature enough to do it - Before you even think about a FWB relationship, you need to make sure you are emotionally mature enough for one. 

Don’t start a FWB relationship with a person you have feelings for - It might sound tempting to keep it casual at first, but this is not a FWB relationship. 

Choose your partner carefully - Find someone who you can communicate with effortlessly, and, above all, someone you can trust.

Remember, you’re not a couple - So don’t act like one. Don’t be all lovey dovey, cuddling, kissing, and holding hands.

Avoid sleepovers -
You should definitely avoid having sleepovers with your sex buddy. Sleeping together is quite an intimate experience, you should avoid moving in that direction.

Keep your expectations low -
Remember, you don’t want to become emotionally invested in this person, so expecting a birthday present or a card on Valentine's Day is not realistic.

Discuss the duration -
It might be a good idea to agree on the duration of your FWB relationship and/or what will dictate the end of it. 

Know your boundaries -
It’s really important to establish boundaries early on in your relationship, and to continue to enforce them.

Don’t forget about the “friends” in FWB - Sure, you want to have fun with someone you feel comfortable and safe with, and a friend is a great choice.

Check in from time to time -
This is not just to discuss the things you don’t like, but also those things you do like, as well as new things you’d like to try.

Don’t be jealous -
Jealousy can really break a FWB relationship. Remember, you are not an exclusive, monogamous couple.

Keep dating -
You should keep dating other people. Especially if you’re looking for a relationship in the future. Remember, your FWB is probably doing the same.

Remember why you started - It’s important to remember why you got into this type of relationship in the first place to avoid getting steered away in a different direction.

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