How to prepare for fatherhood

Research the basics: So, you're a first-time expectant father. This makes you one half of the pregnancy and birth experience.

Discuss parenting with your partner: Immerse yourself in the pregnancy experience.

Work as couple: It's important to enjoy learning about the process of becoming a dad. 

Talk to your child: Did you know that a fetus can start to hear around 16 to 18 weeks in utero, and by 27 to 30 weeks they can respond to voices.

Don't make comparisons: It's a mistake to compare yourself with your partner when preparing for fatherhood.

Stay healthy: With a newborn, the way you spend your time and energy will change. 

Exercise regularly: Your physical well-being extends to exercising regularly to build up stamina. 

Get enough sleep: Sleep is a precious commodity and getting enough of it is crucial in allowing your body.

Psych up mentally: Develop ways of managing mental and emotional stress. 

Need help and guidance: If all this is starting to sound a little daunting, consider working with a therapist.

Seek out fellow dads: Another way to deal with encroaching fatherhood is to find fellow dads.

Division of labor: As your partner's pregnancy develops, you'll both need to plan the division of labor.

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