How to read people’s eyes secrets cues and giveaways

Establish a baseline: Before you go making judgments, you have to find their baselines for how much they blink regularly.

The eyebrow flash: When we arch our brows for less than one-fifth of a second, it’s a sign that you like someone or want to get their attention.

Pupil dilation: Our eyes dilate when we’re attracted—be it to a person, food, music, etc.

Crow’s feet when smiling: The absence of crow’s feet, which are the little wrinkles that form at the outer corner of the eyes.

Shining eyes: The romantic literature is true: love really does make your eyes shine.

Prolonged eye contact: A good amount of eye contact is 60-70% of the time, and in this range it indicates that someone likes you.

Too-long eye contact: This can be a kind of threat, one which many can most easily recognize from disappointed fathers.

Long stare after a lie: The most common way people think they can detect a liar is if they look away while they lie.

Glancing sideways: Looking to the left or right repeatedly is an indicator that someone is feeling doubt, a reluctance to commit.

Rapid blinking with a slight smile: Rapid eyeblink, or “eyelash flutter,” means “you’ve raised the blinker’s level of psychological arousal… faster blinking.

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