How to save money like our grandparents

Make soup -
Soup is great, and here's why you should be making it more often: it's filling, full of nutrients, and it's cheap.

Eat at home -
Eating in not only is a great way to spend time with your loved ones, but it's also a lot cheaper than eating out.

Use all your food -
Your grandparents likely used all parts of an animal in cooking. Bones to make stock is a good example. Almost everything can be used or reused.

Pay with cash -
You will likely think twice when you literally see the money you're spending on certain things. Try it.

Cook from scratch -
Processed foods were limited in your grandparents' days, so people would cook almost everything from scratch.

Learn how to sew -
Your grandma wouldn't throw a piece of clothing away because there was a small hole. And neither should you! Learning how to sew can be empowering!

Use a local store -
Our grandparents relied on local grocers, butchers, and bakers, and so can you. Is the trip to the huge supermarket really worth it?

DIY gifts -
Nothing is more personal than a gift you make with your own hands! Plus, you'll likely save a lot of money.

Pack lunch - Food prep is a great way for you to keep a consistent diet and save money.

Save rain water -
If you're not doing this to water your lawn, plants, and anything else you have in your garden, then start today!

Buy whole foods -
Do you really need to buy sliced carrots or cubes of butternut squash? Save money by buying whole foods and preparing them yourself.

Re-use fabric -
It's all about recycling and re-purposing. Your grandparents would've probably kept old clothes and towels and would've reused them as cleaning rags.

Save bits and pieces -
Collect tidbits such as buttons and pieces of ribbon, and put them in a jar or box. You can do lots of cool creative DIY stuff with them.

Eat more beans and lentils -
Nutritionally rich, filling, and cheap; beans are obvious choices when it comes to food. Incorporate more of them into your diet.

Start a compost bin -
This is so much better than just throwing everything in the garbage. It will save you bags, time, and you'll get free compost.

Save seeds -
You'll be doing your bit for conservation, and enjoy the benefits of doing so. Examples include marigolds, beans, and herbs such as cilantro and dill.

Start saving money -
It goes without saying that the best way to save money is by, well, saving money. You can start small. And, remember, it's never too late to begin.

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