How to shoot a film with your phone

'9 Rides' - '9 Rides' is a feature film which centers on an Uber driver, who embarks on nine rides on New Year's Eve.

'9 Rides' - The film was directed by Matthew A. Cherry, and shot on an iPhone 6s. Dorian Missick starred as the Uber driver.

'Romance in NYC' - Tristan Pope directed this short film, which stars Pope and Rachel Winegar as a young couple in love in New York City.

'Romance in NYC' - New York is the perfect backdrop for this 18-minute film, which was shot on the iPhone 6.

'Snow Steam Iron' - Zack Snyder is best known for directing blockbusters like 'Man of Steel' and 'Batman v Superman.' However, he scaled things down for 'Snow Steam Iron.'

'Snow Steam Iron' - The short film was shot on an iPhone 7 Plus, with the Filmic Pro app. It's noted that the film calls back to Snyder's films, '300' and 'Sucker Punch.'

'Dancers of New York' - Another one from Tristan Pope, this short film was also shot on an iPhone 6, and showcases some of the best dancers of New York City.

'Dancers of New York' - With 'Dancers of New York,' Pope uses slow-motion shots and other interesting techniques, bringing this rhythmic film to life.

'Rage' - Though it wasn't filmed on a phone, 'Rage' (directed by Sally Potter) was one of the first films to use phones for its production.

'Rage' - The film, which starred Jude Law and Judi Dench, was the world's first feature film to debut on mobile phones. 

Tips and tricks - So how exactly do you make a film with a smartphone? Here are some tips.

The right fit - Firstly make sure using a phone is actually right for your film.

Cinematographers - When shooting with a smartphone, your cast may double up as cinematographers. 

Additional apps - Smartphones have some pretty high-tech cameras, but you may need to use some other tool

Manage your expectations - Shooting with a smartphone has many benefits for a filmmaker. View it as a tool, providing a certain look on a budget. 

Embrace the imperfections - The imperfections of phone footage can be very effective. They can give a raw, human look to an amateur film.

The whole production - Smartphones aren't just used for shooting. You can also use mobile apps to edit, produce, and soundtrack a film you're making.

Close to the subject - Smartphones don't have the best microphones, so try to get as close as possible to your subject.

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