How to stay motivated on your fitness journey

Hire a personal trainer - Shop around and find a PT that has experience in the goals you're trying to reach.

Find a workout buddy - Nothing is more motivating than having someone train with you. You can help and push each other.

Try different exercises - Variety is key in all aspects of life, and it's no different when it comes to exercise. Try a new workout and keep things fresh in the gym.

Take a break - Sometimes, in order to stay motivated, you simply need to take a short break. Just don't exercise for a few days. 

Film yourself working out - Sometimes you need to see yourself performing the exercises to improve your form. This will motivate you to correct any issues and get better.

Visualize success - Visualization is a powerful tool. Try to visualize your ultimate goal, how great you'll look and feel, and all the amazing things you'll do when you achieve it.

Enter a transformation challenge - Why not take part in a transformation challenge? This will keep you accountable and will definitely keep you motivated to reach your goal!

Try a pre-workout - A pre-workout supplement can give you an extra energy boost, and sometimes that's all you need after a hard day's work.

Set daily goals - Goal-setting is a great tool to achieve success. You might have yours set in the medium and long term, but sometimes you need to set daily goals to keep motivated.

Visit a new gym - Try out a new gym in your area. Sometimes changing your environment will boost your motivation.

Find a fitness group - If classes are not your thing but you still want to socialize with like-minded people, then try to find a group of people who are into the same type of training.

Work out in the morning - If you have a busy schedule and keep skipping your workouts at the end of the day, experiment with a morning workout. 

Exercise outside - If you're always in the gym, why not change things up and exercise outdoors once in a while? It will be a breath of fresh air, literally.

Try fasted cardio - Some people swear by it, and while it might seem daunting to work out on an empty stomach, it can actually be beneficial for some people.

Set up a home gym - There are numerous benefits to having a home gym. Not sure how to set one up? Just check out our guide on how to set up the perfect home gym.

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