How to talk to children about stress

Tell them what's going on: Naturally, the way you open up about stress will vary depending on the age of the child. 

Help them understand what stress is: Explain that stress is a natural thing everyone experiences. 

Be vulnerable: Talking about your own challenges with stress is a great way to show them that we are all learning all the time.

Communicate: Sharing your own experiences with stress with your children helps to demystify the topic.

We all have our moments: That being said, no one is perfect and we all experience periods of high stress.

Lead by example: As parents and carers, we have a responsibility to develop healthy coping strategies.

Watch and learn: Remember that children learn by watching the adults in their life.

Teenagers: Teens might also demonstrate these signs of stress, along with moodiness, a change in their performance at school.

Changes in behavior: Depending on the age of the child, stress could manifest as increased crying and irritation.

What does stress look like in children: Human bodies are wired to experience stress in more or less the same way.

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