How to trick your mind into feeling more confident

Speak positively -
One of the side effects of confidence is positivity. One way that this can be achieved is simply faking positivity. Try your hardest to be positive in your speech.

Groom yourself -
There’s a good reason people shave, get haircuts, and stay clean other than not making people revolt with the smell of BO. It’s to make ourselves feel better about ourselves.

Volunteer -
Volunteering is a great way to help other people while building your confidence.

Speak slowly -
Speaking slowly means that you are more deliberate in your speech. A person who speaks quickly and haphazardly relays to listeners that what they’re saying may not be of worth.

Exercise -
Exercise is one surefire way of feeling more confident. There’s a reason why all those beefy gym buffs move around like they own the place.

A tidy desk (or room) is a tidy mind - One quick and practical way of helping you feel more relaxed and like you’ve got it together is having a tidy room.

Compliment yourself -
Paying yourself a compliment when you look in the mirror every day will help you feel more confident because, eventually, you will begin to believe the compliments.

Martial arts are great for confidence - In the same way, martial arts have been known to help people feel more confident.

Keep your head held high -
Keeping your chin up physically will psychologically trigger you to feel more confident because everything you see is “below you,” including the challenges.

Music for confidence -
Music has a huge impact on how we feel, including making us feel more driven and confident. Music is subjective, so you will have to find what works for you.

Don't put others down - Putting other people down doesn’t help you in any way. In a disguised form, all it does is remind us and others of something about ourselves that we’re unhappy about.

Try speaking to a stranger - This will inevitably go better than you think. Good social interactions make us feel more confident.

Get nice photos taken -
Getting some great photos of yourself  taken can give you a nice boost in confidence regarding your appearance because you’ll realize how attractive you are.

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