Iconic meetings of celebrities with presidents and royalty

Richard Nixon and Elvis Presley - One of the most famous celebrity and politician photos is this 1970 snap of Elvis and Richard Nixon.

John F. Kennedy and Barbra Streisand - The former US President and the singer met at an event in 1963.

George W. Bush and Charlton Heston - Charlton Heston received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2003. It is the highest civilian award you can receive in the US.

Bono and Barack Obama - In 2006, Bono and Obama met at the annual 'National Prayer Breakfast' at the White House. The President at the time was George W. Bush.

George W. Bush and the Dalai Lama - The Dalai Lama received the US Congressional Gold Medal in 2007. George W. Bush was present at the ceremony.

Bill Clinton and Bruce Springsteen - The former President and the singer joined each other on stage in 2012, to show their support for Barack Obama and to sing together.

Queen Elizabeth II and Angelina Jolie - Jolie was given the honorary title of 'Dame Grand Cross' by the Royal family in 2014.

Queen Elizabeth II and Uma Thurman - Uma Thurman also met the late Queen at Buckingham Palace in 2014.

Tom Hanks and Barack Obama - Tom Hanks looked radiant as he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Obama in 2016.

Bill Gates and Barack Obama - The same happened with Bill Gates, who was beaming when presented with the award.

Donald Trump and Kanye West - This was one of the most press-covered meetings of 2016. Soon after being elected President, Trump welcomed rapper Kanye West, at Trump Tower.

Bill Clinton and Sir Elton John - The Elton John AIDS foundation celebrated its 25th birthday in 2017. One of the guests invited to the party was the former US President.

Ronald Reagan and Muhammad Ali - This image of Ronald Regan 'punching' Muhammad Ali at the Oval Office in the White House in 1983 became famous.

Nancy Reagan and Mr. T -
The First Lady and the actor were good friends. This image was taken in 1983.

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