Iconic on-screen jewelry moments

Titanic: Kate Winslet's Heart of the Ocean necklace is probably one of the most remembered movie jewelry pieces ever.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof: Elizabeth Taylor brought glitz and glamour even with simple jewelry like this solitaire diamond pendant. 

The Great Gatsby: Carey Mulligan wore several stunning Art Deco pieces, like this diadem headpiece, along with a matching pearl and diamond bracelet/hand-piece.

Anna Karenina: Keira Knightley wore some stunning costumes while portraying the literary heroine.

Moulin Rogue: Nicole Kidman's character, Satine, was nicknamed "Sparkling Diamond" for a reason.

To Catch a Thief: Hollywood starlet Grace Kelly looked elegant in a tiered diamond necklace and fringe diamond earrings for the classic 'To Catch a Thief.

Cleopatra: This blockbuster film delivered some of the most iconic Hollywood looks worn by Elizabeth Taylor.

Marie Antoinette: Kirsten Dunst's wardrobe perfectly captured the lavish lifestyle of French royalty in 'Marie Antoinette.

Pretty Woman: The jewelry box scene is one of the top romantic comedy moments of all time, but the ruby and diamond necklace inside, worn by Julia Roberts, was just as legendary.

Gilda: Rita Hayworth's iconic 'Gilda' outfit became even more glamorous thanks to her diamond necklace.

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