Important events that happened 30 years ago

Tuberculosis on the rise -
Following a rise in deaths related to the disease, tuberculosis was declared a global emergency by the World Health Organization on April 23, 1993.

Buckingham Palace opened to the public - On April 29, 1993, Queen Elizabeth II announced that Buckingham Palace would open to the public for the first time in the summer.

Back to Earth -
On May 6, 1993, the STS-55 Space Shuttle mission landed safely after nine days performing 88 experiments, including observations of Earth from space.

Democracy in Paraguay -
On May 25, 1993, Juan Carlos Wasmosy became the first democratically-elected President of Paraguay in 38 years. He held the post until 1998.

Ireland won Eurovision -
Ireland won the Eurovision Song Contest with 'In Your Eyes,' performed by Niamh Kavanagh.

The first female Prime Minister of Canada - In 1993, Kim Campbell became the first and so far only female Prime Minister of Canada. 

Equality in the Royal Navy -
The female branch of the British Navy, the Women’s Royal Naval Service, was disbanded on November 1, 1993. 

A new era for Europe -
The European Union was formally established when the Maastricht Treaty came into effect on November 1, 1993.

The end of Pablo Escobar -
The Colombian drug lord was gunned down by police in Medellín, on December 2, 1993. 

Princess Diana's wishes -In 1993, a year after her separation from Prince Charles was announced, Diana revealed her desire to step away from the public spotlight, which was becoming hard to live with.

Number one single -
On March 6, 1993, Whitney Houston entered the record books with her single 'I Will Always Love You,' as it reached its 14th week at no. 1 in the US. 

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