Important reasons to drink more water

It gives you better skinIt also helps to flush out toxins and minimize pores, which in turn can help to clear acne.

It helps to prevent a hangover:
This is for the simple fact that alcohol consumption is reduced if only one in every two drinks is alcoholic.

It keeps the joints lubricated:
Drinking water is very important for maintaining cartilage, the connective tissue that covers and protects the ends of our bones.

Weight loss:
Drinking water before a meal can aid weight loss for the simple reason that it makes us feel fuller.

It is needed for saliva:
Water makes up 99.5% of saliva, the substance responsible for the digestion of food and maintenance of oral hygiene.

It helps keep blood pressure down:
Blood consists of about 90% water and dehydration can cause blood to thicken, which in turn increases blood pressure.

It makes nutrients accessible:
The minerals and nutrients that the body needs to function healthily must first be dissolved in water.

It boosts performance in sport:
One study found that dehydration negatively affects performance in activities that last more than 30 minutes.

It makes you smarter:
It improves concentration and cognition, helps to balance mood and emotions, and serves to maintain memory function.

It is vital for the digestive system:
Drinking enough water is essential for maintaining a healthy digestive system, since the bowel needs water to function.

It manages body temperature:
Perhaps an obvious one, but drinking water will help to keep the body cool in external heat.

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