Impressive kites around the world

Shark attack! - All you need is the 'Jaws' soundtrack as this kite surfaces from behind a hill.

See you later, alligator - This enormous flying alligator takes flight in Cape Town's annual kite festival.

Bottom-dweller - A giant octopus-shaped kite was surely the star of the show at the International Wind Festival in Valencia, Spain.

Impostor - Some confused eagles try to make friends with a kite at the kite festival in the western Indian city of Ahmedabad.

On the front lines - Frogs, birds, and fish lead the charge during an international kite festival in Cartagena, Colombia.

Light as rainbows - People help out the sky by sending up their own rainbows. 

Team effort - Children work together to get their huge kite flying

A horror movie - A huge tentacled kite looms over an ominously foggy scene in Chongqing, China.

Why fly just one at a time? - Participants fly strings of kites during an international kite festival in Doha, Qatar.

Air traffic control - Strings of colorful kites line the skies in the streets of Malta. 

Lantern kites - A man flies a kite made of 110 paper lanterns for the Hindu festival of Makar Sankranti, in Ahmedabad.

Deep sea migration - Creatures from the deep catch some air at the Festival of the Winds on Sydney's Bondi Beach.

Impressive creations - Hugh and Lynn Bowers of Suffolk, UK, watch their 20-m nylon cat kite "Rusty" fly during the Kite Festival in London.

Fantasy flight - Video game characters drift in the wind as a kite enthusiast snaps a shot. 

Beached whale - This big blue takes a break as the wind dies down. 

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