Incredible vintage Disney movie posters

'Gulliver Mickey' (1934) -
Jonathan Swift's 1726 novel 'Gulliver's Travels' provides the inspiration for this 1934 Mickey Mouse short, as it also does for the wonderful Lilliput-themed poster art.

'Hawaiian Holiday' (1937) -
The poster art for 'Hawaiian Holiday' features just a surfing Mickey and Donald. But the short also stars Minnie Mouse, Pluto, and Goofy. 

'Donald's Better Self' (1938) -
Asleep in his bed, Donald Duck battles with his Conscience, which takes his form but wears a white robe and a golden halo.

'Goofy and Wilbur' (1939) -
Goofy gets all the screen time in this animated cartoon short, despite the poster art featuring Mickey's name. Goofy's co-star is Wilbur, his pet grasshopper.

'Donald's Penguin' (1939) -
The moment when Donald takes delivery of a cute and feisty baby penguin called Tootsie whom he has decided to adopt is captured by the poster art for this 1939 short.

'Sea Scouts' (1939) -
'Sea Scouts' is all about humor on the High Seas, with Huey, Dewey, and Louie taking like ducklings to water as they row uncle Donald further out to sea.

'The Riveter' (1940) -
Construction foreman Pete gives riveter Donald Duck a hard time as he lands a job working high steel over a New York City skyline.

'How to Fish' (1942) -
Goofy gets to go fishing in this "How To" Disney short. He follows the narrator's instructions as best he can, but only succeeds in landing himself in trouble.

'Donald's Garden' (1942) -
Donald is very proud of his prize melons, and waters them every day. But then a ravenous gopher pops up in his field—and eyes each one as a potential meal.

'The Plastics Inventor' (1944) -
Donald's efforts at inventing an airplane made of plastic are dampened when he realizes that the plastic melts when wet, and a downpour is imminent!

'The Flying Squirrel' (1954) -
An errant squirrel battles it out with Donald for his share of the goods after the enterprising duck sets up a peanut stall in a park. 

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