Indoor Plants Are Almost Impossible to Kill

They don't need too much sunlight, and they only need to be watered every one to two weeks, so they're pretty low-maintenance, according to the Sill.

Chinese Evergreens come in a variety of colors and they're great for people who tend to overwater their plants.

Snake Plant
They don't need too much light to thrive, and you only have to water every two to three weeks, according to the Sill. 

The ZZ Plant is perfect for low-light apartments, and it doesn't require too much watering attention, which makes it a good fit if you're constantly on the go.

Spider Plant
They don't require too much water, and they're great for purifying indoor air, according to Garden Goods. 

Chinese Money Plants are known for their pancake-shaped leaves and their easiness to care for. They're a great plant for beginners, and they require water infrequently, according to Garden Goods. 

Burgundy Rubber Plant
Rubber plants come in a variety of deep shades, such as burgundy, and they don't require too much attention.

Asparagus ferns are pretty easy to keep alive indoors, and just require steady watering and some occasional misting since they like things a bit humid, according to Gardening Know How. 

Aloe Vera plants love to soak up some sunlight, and they don't need to be watered very often — every one to two weeks in the summer and once every couple months in the winter.

Phalaenopsis Orchid 
They're pretty easy to keep alive if you have access to sunlight, and they prefer humid environments so consider displaying them in your bathroom. 

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