Is gaming good or bad for you

It's social -
The majority of young boys and girls (both upwards of 90% in the US) are playing video games, and see it as a social activity.

Procrastination -
On the other hand, they can be a form of procrastination and are said to promote violence.

Problem-solving skills -
However, there are benefits. Nearly every game that we play requires problem-solving skills and creativity, which, in turn, improves those attributes.

It requires logic -
Almost all games require the player to be logical, to have an approach that makes sense. 

Decision-making skills -
Scientists believe that this side of things improves decision-making ability and logical thinking.

Online games -
Online games require you to be able to adapt to the speed at which other characters controlled by strangers are moving, and to what they’re doing. 

Spatial awareness -
In having to take in everything you are working on, your hand–eye coordination and your visual-spatial awareness are tested, therefore improving.

Visual processing -
Research suggests that people who play video games have better attention skills and are more successful in the visual processing of images than non-gamers.

Practical uses -
They are a great tool to train motor skills, which is why pilots, surgeons, and soldiers benefit by training with specific games.

Multitasking -
Multitasking can be improved in children who play certain strategy games where they must take a lot into account, i.e. building games and such.

Violent games desensitize children - On the other hand, regarding the negative effects of games, violent games have been reported to desensitize children to violence.

Aggression and empathy -
It’s now been proven that violent video games increase aggression in children and decrease empathy and positive social behavior in the short to medium term.

Addiction -
Gaming can be addictive, of that there is no doubt. 

In moderation, they're great -
They’re fun and they can enrich people’s lives and should be used responsibly, i.e. not for nine hours a day.

Career or addiction? -
One difficult situation from a parenting standpoint could be that a child is playing games for an obscene amount of time but claiming that it’s their career.

Parents may need help to understand and make decisions - What should a parent do if their child claims they have a career in gaming and the parent cannot be sure if they do or will?

Parents should keep track -
Parents should keep track of children’s gaming, what they’re playing, and for how long.

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