Kate Winslet at her most wise and candid

On Hollywood's portrayal of women - Winslet has played many powerful roles, but now she questions the way women have been written, "that she is feisty or taking control… 

The #MeToo movement -
Winslet is not afraid to take a critical look at herself and ask, "What the f–k was I doing working with Woody Allen and Roman Polanski?" 

On regret -
The films were 'Carnage' (2011) with Polanski, and 'Wonder Wheel' (2017) with Allen. "I'm grappling with those regrets," Winslet said. 

On body image - On 'Running Wild with Bear Gryllis' in 2015, Winslet revealed she had no positive role models for body image, and in fact only heard negatives. 

Frank about her changing body - Speaking about quarantine, Winslet was completely relatable in saying: "To be completely honest with you, none of my pants fit me at the moment."

On friendships -
Winslet told Vanity Fair, "Keeping good, grounding women of integrity in one's life is a blessing."

Her favorite role -
At the 2017 New York Film Festival, she revealed that her favorite role was Clementine, the wild-haired girl who falls in love with Jim Carrey in 2004's.

On fame and privacy - Winslet gave her most accurate depiction of fame to Harper's Bazaar UK in 2009: "Our knickers will still go up our a— at the most inappropriate moment.

The diva thing isn't for her - Winslet has never been the type to have assistants, and she never let fame get to her head. 

She's a mom to three children - Each are from a different father: Mia Honey Threapleton (with Jim Threapleton) Joe Mendes (with Sam Mendes), and Bear Blaze Winslet (with Edward Abel Smith.

On her heartbreaks -
"I think heartbreak is something that you learn to live with as opposed to learn to forget," she told Good Housekeeping in 2007. 

There is no stasis for her - With a career spanning several decades, Winslet is candid about how scarily easy it is to lose yourself and your responsibility along the way. 

On being an actress -
"It's such a weird job. Why the hell do I do it? It still baffles me. I'm still so tormented by it, but I do still love it."

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