Keith Moon’s 10 Wildest Pranks

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The Gong Show: During the Who's U.K. tour in late 1967, Moon relished tormenting the Herd, their opening band.

Welcome to the Club: Moon and Oliver Reed became fast friends during the filming of Tommy.

Mess With the Ox, You Get the Horns: The Paris stop of the Who's '72 European tour saw Moon's hotel room get demolished.

The Trouser Test: In the fall of 1969, Moon teamed up with "Legs" Larry Smith of the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah.

A Public Service Announcement From Keith Moon: One of Moon's favorite recurring pranks was to disrupt small British villages by blaring bogus public service announcements from a passing car.

Dine and Dash: Not all of Moon's pranks were destructive, offensive or at someone else's expense.

Ride the Wild Waterbed: Keith Moon destroyed so many hotel rooms that the incidents tend to blend together into one big ball of devastation.

The Exploding Drummer: The Who's powerful early live shows were generally climaxed with Pete Townshend smashing his guitars.

The Kidnapped Vicar: Unlike the rest of his bandmates, Moon had no "off" switch – so when the Who were not on tour or in the studio.

Dark Side of the Moon: Moon's sense of humor had a tendency to push the boundaries of taste.

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