Top 10 Most Known Countries with the Strictest Laws

Equatorial Guinea: People who lived in Equatorial Guinea are discouraged from learning reading and writing.

Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia is deeply rooted in laws that are connected with tradition and religion while being huddled and taking down their curtains worldwide. 

Iran: The government of Iran is based on Sharia Law. Propaganda and actions against the government is prohibited.

Syria: The violence in the country of Syria continues to increase due to government and rebel forces’ clash. 

Japan: Believed by many, the feudal system had a great influence on how the Japanese Government (Modern) does the business. 

Eritrea: In 1993, Pres. Isaias Afewerki ruled the Eritrea, which is located above Africa. 

North Korea: Nowadays, North Korea is the only one that’s still purely communist. 

Singapore: Unlike most of the countries above, the implementation of the government’s policies and rules on tourists and locals have notches.

China: China has an economy that blooms.

Cuba: Cuba, home of Fidel Castro and Cuban cigars, is a top destination for a holiday worldwide.

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