Kombucha benefits

The origin of Kombucha -
Every spring, Chinese Qigong masters would come down from the mountains to ferment their tea and return in the summer and share it. 

It's original use -
They believed that the tea would create harmony between the mind, body, and spirit.

Health conscious consumers -
A lot of people who are conscious of staying healthy have turned to many different alternative dietary habits, and kombucha is no different.

Ingredients -
Essentially, it's made with tea, sugar, and a colony of yeast and bacteria in the form of a scoby. 

Benefits -
It's said to help cure and prevent serious health conditions, from blood pressure to cancer. 

Similar benefits to probiotic supplements - Some evidence does suggest that it offers similar benefits to that of a probiotic supplement. 

Antioxidants - These antioxidants may have many health benefits including reducing liver toxicity because it’s proven to protect rats' livers from toxicity. 

Heart disease -
Green tea drinkers have a 31% lower risk of suffering with it, which is suspected to apply to kombucha too. 

Type 2 diabetes -
It may also help people to manage type 2 diabetes. It may likely reduce blood sugar levels. It may also improve liver and kidney function. 

Cancer -
Kombucha may help protect against cancer. 

It can be dangerous -
If it's made improperly, it can have negative health effects. A safer option usually is to buy bottled kombucha at the store. 

It's the healthier cousin of beer - A lot of people use it as a mixer for alcoholic drinks. It may serve as an alternative to cut vodka with or to dilute wine.

Kombucha bars - All around the world bars have popped up serving kombucha in all kinds of flavors and colors.

Madonna -
Madonna has been spotted drinking it on various occasions. 

Gwyneth Paltrow -
Gwyneth Paltrow allegedly loves drinking kombucha for the health benefits. 

Lady Gaga -
It's almost unlike Gaga to do anything that other stars are doing. Nonetheless, she’s been spotted sipping Kombucha.

Justin Bieber -
Justin Bieber was also spotted with a big bottle of the stuff. Maybe he hopes that it keeps his voice healthy for belting out tunes to stadiums. 

Orlando Bloom -
Orlando Bloom, who is indeed very health-conscious, was spotted drinking Organic Raw Kombucha. 

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