Korean dishes to try right now

Kimchi stew
Variants on the kimchi theme involve chopped radish or radish stalks, but this delicious stew embraces the traditional red cabbage version. 

it's no wonder that they've developed dishes to undo the next-day damage. 

Visually reminiscent of sushi, gimbap is a painstakingly-prepared dish involving vegetables, pickled radish, ground beef, and rice, all rolled tight into a seaweed sheet. 

This spiced, steamed rice cake dish is incredibly popular on the Korean street food scene.

Budae jjigae
Known also as army stew, the seemingly-random ingredients of this stew owes itself to the makeshift meals cooked up from American army stocks in the aftermath of the Korean War.

Featuring pork strips cooked on a sizzling grill and served with crisp leaves and fiery garlic kimchi, this is a crowd-pleasing dish that's often accompanied by plenty of soju.

Involving noodles in a rich black bean sauce, this Korean comfort favorite has its origins in Chinese cuisine. 

Usually made by salting and fermenting cabbage with garlic, ginger, chili, and scallions, it comes in more than a hundred varieties.

An entire meal in one bowl, it combines rice, mixed vegetables, and beef, topped with an egg and seasoned with sesame oil and chili.

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