Land Animals without tails

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Human: Humans are an intelligent species belonging to Genus Homo and Family Hominidae that are widespread species across the world.

American black bear: The American black bear is a medium-sized bear that belongs to the Genus Ursus and Family Ursidae and is found in North America.

Frogs: A frog is an amphibian and a small-sized carnivorous animal that belongs to order Anura and is found almost everywhere except the Antarctic region.

Centipedes: The Centipede means a hundred-foot animal, is a group of arthropods that belong to the class Chilopoda and are found in many countries.

Gibbons: The Gibbon is an ape or lesser ape in the family Hylobatidae, Order Primates, and Class Mammalia and is found in Bangladesh.

Siamangs: The siamang, including Sumatran siamang and the Malaysian siamang, is an arboreal species of gibbon in the Family Hylobatidae.

Orangutan: An Orangutan is a species that belongs to the great apes in the Genus Pongo and Family Hominidae found in Indonesia, Malaysia.

Bonobo: A bonobo, also known by other names in the past such as pygmy chimpanzee, dwarf chimpanzee, or gracile chimpanzee.

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