Largest Animals In North America

Humpback Whale:are also baleen whales and can reach weights of 66,000 pounds and lengths of around 20 feet.  Although they are found in most major oceans, there are several populations .

Polar Bear:are large carnivorous bears that inhabit several areas of North America – including Alaska, Canada, and Greenland – as well as Russia and some Norwegian islands. 

American Bison:also known as American buffalo, are the largest land mammal in North America, with males weighing up to 2100 pounds, and females up to 1200 pounds. 

American Crocodile:are some of the largest crocodiles around.  Although females are significantly smaller than the males, they can still reach lengths of around 13 feet, and with their strong jaws.

Bowhead Whale: is another baleen whale and lives in the waters around Canada and Greenland.  Reaching weights of around 120,000 pounds, the bowhead whale is a huge whale that is easily recognized .

Canadian Horse:are a breed of horse that is native to Canada and usually weigh between 1000 and 1400 pounds.  They are strong, muscular horses and are usually bay, brown, or black .

Right Whale:There are three species of right whale and two of them – the North Atlantic and the North Pacific right whale – are found in the waters surrounding North America.

Gray Whale: are baleen whales that usually live in the coastal waters of the North Pacific ocean, although they do sometimes migrate into deeper waters, and there is a population.

Moose:are widespread across North America and are the largest member of the deer family,  males capable of reaching weights of 1500 pounds.  They generally live in forests and eat a range of plants.

Musk Ox: are a member of the Bovidae family and can reach sizes of up to 900 pounds.  They are native to the Arctic, but are widespread across Greenland and Canada, and have also been reintroduced.

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