Largest Cities in Indonesia By Land Area

Bogor Regency:With a land mass of 1,153 square miles (2,986 square km), this regency is top on the list of largest cities in Indonesia. It has a population of over five million people.

=Batam:is one of Indonesia’s major cities located in the Riau Islands province. The city has a land area of 615.8 square miles (1,595 square km).

Padang:is between the famous Minangkabau hills and the Indian ocean. Padang is the capital of the west Sumatra province. It has a land area of 268.3 square miles (695 square km.

Jakarta: is Indonesia’s capital city, with a land area of only 255.4 square miles (661.5 square km). Interestingly, it is the most populated city in the country, with up to 10.56 million people .

Tanjung Pinang:The capital of the Riau Islands province, Tanjung Pinang, has a land area of 313.8 square miles (812.7 square km). It ranks as the second largest city in the province after Batam.

Jayapura : is the largest in the Papua province of Indonesia. It is also the province’s capital and is divided into five political districts. Jayapura, previously known as “Hollandia,” .

Palangkaraya: is one of the largest cities in Indonesia, with a landmass of 1,102 square miles (2,853 square km). The city is in the Central Kalimantan Province, on the western side of River Kahayan.

Dumai :is a port town in Indonesia. This makes it an important center for trade and transport in the country and internationally. It is a major ferry port through which commercial goods .