Lies kids tell that parents always fall for

If we get a dog, I'll look after it :Every single kid who wants a pet will swear on everything possible that they'll take care of it.

They started it: When kids are fighting and you catch them, they'll typically blame each other to avoid being punished or scolded.

"I didn't do it: you come home and see that your favorite vase is broken, or that your walls have been painted with markers. 

We don't have any homework: Pretty much no one likes to do their homework.

I gave my notebook to my friend: This is another excuse that, in a child's mind, can save them from studying.

Yes, I cleaned my room: A classic! You come into your child's room expecting to see it nice and tidy.

I'm listening: When a child doesn't want to listen to their parents, sometimes they'll pretend to do so.

I'm with my friend doing homework: When your child says that they're doing homework with their friends.

I think I'm too sick for school: Kids know that staying home means they can get pampered and watch TV all day.

If you let me (blank), I'll never ask again :Whether they want dessert before dinner or a new gadget, they're likely to push all the limits to get it.

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