Lies kids tell that parents always fall for

"They started it!" -
When kids are fighting and you catch them, they'll typically blame each other to avoid being punished or scolded. You probably did the same at their age!

"We don't have any homework" -
Pretty much no one likes to do their homework. So it's totally understandable that children sometimes make things up to avoid doing it.

"Yes, I cleaned my room" -
A classic! You come into your child's room expecting to see it nice and tidy, because you asked them to clean it. They said they'd do it, but clearly they didn't.

"I'm listening" -
When a child doesn't want to listen to their parents, sometimes they'll pretend to do so, while thinking about something else entirely.

"I'm with my friend doing homework" -
When your child says that they're doing homework with their friends, it probably means that they're just having fun with their friends.

"I forgot" -
Similar to "I'm listening," the child wasn't listening to their parent and doesn't even know what they were telling them to do. How could they forget something they didn't even know?

"No, I didn't block you on social media" - They might blame it on a technical error, but if they're a teen they most likely don't want you to know details of their social life.

"I never got your text" -
A common lie amongst teens, you'll notice that this often happens when they're out and were supposed to be home by a certain time.

"I definitely didn't eat that" -
It can be tempting for anyone to avoid those freshly baked cookies, but know that if it wasn't you or a mouse, then it definitely was your kid!

"I'll behave, I promise" -
Every kid will promise to behave when you're going to an event. But even if they say so, it doesn't mean they actually have a plan to do so.

"The party is chaperoned" -
When it comes to teens, you should know that chaperone actually means friends, and not a responsible grown-up.

"I love family vacations" -
The truth is, the older they get, the more they want to spend time with their friends instead of their parents.

"My phone died" -
This is just another excuse for not answering your calls and texts. They'd never let their most beloved gadget die.

"I'll do it tomorrow" -
Then tomorrow comes, and they still didn't take out the trash or fold their laundry. Get ready for another lie when you question them about it.

"I'm fine" -
If they say this with folded arms, a big frown, and a furrowed brow, then it actually means "I'm so mad right now!"

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