Little things that reveal a bunch about your personality

The way you roll toilet paper: Yes, the way you hang a toilet paper roll does say something about your personality.

The way you roll toilet paper: According to the survey, those who used the overhand method were more dominant.

The way you roll toilet paper: Some people seem to take the direction of their toilet paper roll very seriously.

Your shoes: Footwear choice is also a good indicator of personality. In a study, volunteers were asked to evaluate several people.

Your shoes: Things such as age and income were identified by those who looked at the photos.

Your shoes: So, what does this mean? People who wear more comfortable footwear tend to be more agreeable.

Your shoes: Those who are a bit more aggressive seem to prefer ankle boots, and those with new.

The way you walk: Highly logical and productive people tend to walk their weight slightly forward and a quick stride. 

The way you walk: People who walk neutrally, with their weight over their legs not forward or back.

Your handshake: The way you shake another person’s hand does reveal a lot about you, and indeed has an impact on first impressions.

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