Longest Rivers in South America

Paraguay River:begins in the Parecis plateau in Brazil and flows southwest throughout its run. The river measures 1,584 miles long, and it eventually reaches its mouth at the Paraná River.

Tocantins-Araguaia River: is 2,270 miles. The Tocantins portion is a clearwater river that begins in the state of Goias, Brazil. The river is known for the massive hydroelectric dam on its borders.

Japurá River: is also known as the Caquetá River, and it flows from the western portion of Colombia into Brazil. The total length of the river’s run is 1,750 miles.

 Orinoco River:measures about 1,400 miles, starting in Venezuela and flowing to its mouth at the Gulf of Paria. The river is famous for being home to the pink Amazon River dolphin .

Amazon River: is the longest river in South America. That fact doesn’t come as a surprise to most people. However, the length of the river is both incredibly long and controversial.

 Juruá River: is a tributary of the Amazon River. It has a source in Peru and flows 2,040 miles to reach the confluence with the Amazon River. The river is known for its meandering flow .

São Francisco River: is up to debate. Some sources list 1,976 miles and others stick to 1,802 miles; we’ve chosen the latter.

 Madeira-Mamoré River:is a major river that forms from its confluence with the Mamoré River, a river that begins at the Sierra de Cochabamba. The combined lengths of these two rivers.

Purús River:measures slightly more than the Madeira-Mamoré River. There may be as little as a mile separating the two rivers in terms of length. 

Paraná River: system measures over 3,000 miles long. The Parana River makes up the bulk of the river. The Parana River begins at the Paranaiba River and flows almost to the end .

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