Looking back on Mattel's main man Ken

The first Ken doll: Barbie made her first appearance in March 1959. Ken was introduced as her counterpart two years later.

Welcome, Ken: Ken, however, quickly caught up in the clothing department, and was given his own fashionable line of apparel.

Ken's early wardrobe: Ken quickly ditched the beach boy look for a more preppy style.

Vintage clothing and hairstyle issues: According to Barbie folklore, Ken met Barbie on the set of a TV commercial. 

Trendsetter: Over the years Ken's wardrobe has evolved to reflect the fashion trends of the day. 

Totally Hair Ken: It actually took 11 years for Ken to get "real" hair (in 1992 Totally Hair Ken.

Ken, the all-American: Ken has always been a clean-cut all-American kinda guy.

The many faces of Ken: But ever mindful of the fickle fashion world—and a fast-changing cultural landscape.

Sunsational Malibu Ken: In 1982 Sunsational Malibu Ken doll, the first African American Ken doll, hit the streets. 

Magic Earring Ken: A little over a decade later in 1993, a Ken doll appeared called Earring Magic Ken.

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