Major stars who dropped out of high school

Johnny Depp -
It might come as a surprise to discover that this well-known actor actually left high school to pursue a career in music.

Jim Carrey -
At 15 years old, Carrey left high school due to his family's financial struggles. To assist with expenses, he and his family worked together as janitors.

Cameron Diaz -
Diaz departed from Long Beach Polytechnic High School after landing a modeling contract. Shortly thereafter, she made her first appearance in 'The Mask' (1994) alongside Jim Carrey.

Katy Perry -
The successful pop singer decided to leave Santa Barbara Don Pueblos High School at 15 years of age in order to pursue her singing career. It worked out pretty well! 

Eminem -
The renowned rapper didn't pass the ninth grade after three attempts and subsequently left Lincoln High School at 17 years old.

Jay-Z -
Raised in the Brooklyn projects, the rapper left high school early and turned to drug trafficking for a living, before finding success in music. 

Michelle Williams Keep Text As - The star of 'Dawson's Creek' went to various high schools, but ultimately chose to do a GED instead so that she would have more time for auditions and acting. 

Christina Aguilera -
Aguilera left her high school in Pennsylvania during the ninth grade due to persistent bullying from her peers. As a result, she received homeschooling from her mother.

Demi Moore -
At 16, Moore left high school to pursue a career as an actress.

Drake -
In a similar fashion, the Canadian artist left high school to participate in 'Degrassi: The Next Generation,' a TV series focused on high school students.

Lindsay Lohan - Lohan's career flourished early with her performances in 'The Parent Trap' and 'Herbie Fully Loaded.' She left high school and later attained her diploma through homeschooling.

Pink -
Pink had difficult teenage years filled with minor theft and substance misuse. At 15, she experienced an overdose, left school, and eventually obtained her GED.

Michael J. Fox -
According to USA Today, the 'Back to the Future' star left high school despite his teacher's warnings that it would be a "big mistake."

Charlize Theron -
The actress faced bullying in school from peers who mocked her, leading to her decision to drop out of high school.

Nicole Kidman -
Kidman pursued her acting aspirations from age 16, leaving school behind.

Keanu Reeves -
The Canadian actor got kicked out of his high school when he was 16 because he and the principal didn't get along.

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