Margot Robbie's standout looks at the 'Barbie' premieres

Get inspired by Margot Robbie! - Margot Robbie is absolutely rocking the promotion of the movie 'Barbie'. 

Barbie: gingham - 
In June 2023, Margot Robbie showed up to the film's press conference in a bold pink and white polka-dot ensemble. 

Barbie: shades - Barbie's classic glasses could not fail to be represented by the actress in the movies. In Sydney, Australia, Margot Robbie showed off her style with a nod to the iconic toy.

Barbie: metallic - Also in Sydney, Margot Robbie attended the 'Barbie' celebration party at the Museum of Contemporary Art. She caught everyone's attention with a metallic pink dress.

Barbie: Seoul - For the presentation of the film in Seoul, South Korea, Margot respected the customs of the region and wore a traditional 'HanBok' over a bolder look. 

Barbie: Party - The dress worn underneath is a replica of the same model released for the doll in 1992, as part of the Barbie Day to Night Party collection.

Barbie: Day To Night - This look, consisting of a pink blazer, white hat, a scarf around the neck and white pumps with a pink tip was also inspired by Barbie Day To Night released in 1985.

Barbie: mobile - Still in South Korea, Margot Robbie not only incorporated the doll's style, but brought with her one of the first cell phone devices, of course, very Barbie-fashioned.

Barbie: Mexico - On the 'pink' carpet in Mexico, Margot Robbie wore a bright pink, well-structured dress in a variety of materials, with a see-through top and a chain-style belt with a star tip.

Barbie: not in pinkFor the world premiere of 'Barbie' held in July 2023 in Los Angeles, California, Margot Robbie surprised everyone by sporting a classic, sparkly black dress.

Barbie: collector's itemThe same model was relaunched in 1995 and became one of the most sought-after dolls by collectors on duty.

Barbie: Enchanted EveningThe model is a replica of the doll's collection, launched in 1960, entitled 'Barbie Enchanted Evening'.

Barbie: clean cutStill in London, Margot Robbie also posed for photos with a vintage look in shades of red, coral and pink details.

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