Meet the dogs that are banned around the world

American pit bull terrier: The pit bull is one of the most restricted breeds around the world.

Fila Brasileiro: This breed is another which faces restrictions in many countries around the world.

English bull terrier: The English bull terrier is one of 11 breeds on Ireland's.

Boerboel: This buff canine faces some restrictions in places like France, Bermuda, Singapore, and Denmark.

Staffordshire bull terrier: Would you believe this adorable thing faces restrictions across countries including Canada.

American Staffordshire terrier: All Staffordshire terriers have quite a difficult time with legislation around the world.

Dogo Argentino: Okay, this dog is pretty believably facing restrictions in countries like Australia, the UK, the USA.

Japanese Tosa Inu: Also known as the Japanese fighting dog, the Tosa Inu faces restrictions in countries including Australia.

Dogue de Bordeaux: They do look a little intimidating in their gang.

Bull mastiff: The bull mastiff is another one of 11 breeds on Ireland's The Control of Dogs Regulations list.

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