Megastars that rock the midriff

Gigi Hadid -
Most people couldn't make kitten heels and tracksuit bottoms look good, but Gigi Hadid does it. The crop top is studded with stylish jewels.

Sofia Richie -
Model Sofia Richie has opted for the upper midriff exposure. It's a flattering outfit, for sure.

Keira Knightley -
Knightley looked fabulous in her conference for the film 'King Arthur' (2004). The crop top and blazer combo really works for the casual-cool look.

Cameron Diaz -
This shirt and hat combo was also a thing in the 2000s. Cameron Diaz dons all the trendy accessories of the time with this look.

Paris Hilton -
Socialite, businesswoman, and DJ Paris Hilton loves the kitsch look. Her garish pink tracksuit and dark sunglasses really make her look like a one-of-a-kind star.

Britney Spears -
You can't talk about the midriff without bringing up the Princess of Pop. So many of her outfits in her music videos were centered on the midriff look.

Gwen Stefani -
Stefani looked as cool as ice when she wore her tracksuits and crop top. She was one of the stars who made sportswear acceptable as casual clothing.

Christina Aguilera -
Her vocal velvety tones are only a little more memorable than her fashion looks. She looked adorable with this cute pink combo.

Charlize Theron -
The beautiful Charlize Theron was not big into the midriff style in her younger days. However, here she went for a chic sheer lace top that partially covers her stomach.

Janet Jackson -
The iconic singer wore some pretty wacky outfits on stage. Her brilliant costumes must have enhanced her already brilliant performances.

Nicole Kidman -
In the '90s, Indian-inspired body jewelry was a popular trend. Nicole Kidman went all out with this belt of jewelry paired with a simple black outfit.

Tyra Banks -
It's no surprise that the former supermodel has rocked almost every fashion style out there. She definitely suits the midriff look in this cute catwalk outfit from 1995.

Kate Hudson -
Coming from a famous family, Hudson has always known how to dress for the red carpet. This semi-midriff looks amazing!

Hilary Duff -
As a teen, Duff was the embodiment of '2000s fashion. At the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards, she incorporated the two fads of kimonos and low-rise jeans into this outfit.

Megan Fox -
The gorgeous Megan Fox went for the more subtle show of the midriff in 2005. Instead of a full crop top, it's just a little shorter to show the lower stomach.

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