Miss Universe Rules are changing!

1. Transgender woman owns Miss Universe: Even before Jakkaphong announced her new ownership, there were already reports that the beauty pageant's standards were going to shift.

2. Not just a pretty face: Following the expansion of women's rights, the contest started valuing communication, intelligence, and other talents besides physical beauty.

3. Interviews and questions: Finalists would hold interviews for this purpose, and the winner was, on the face of it, chosen for her brain as well as looks.

4. Donald Trump and the pageant: From 1996 to 2015, Miss Universe was (partly) owned by Donald Trump. His leadership of the pageant brought several changes.

5. They no longer stand together: The finalists are now called in ascending order. They leave the stage until there are only two women left: the winner and the runner-up.

6. "Legally a woman": Why this change in the language of the rules? Well, by including all who are "legally women," the contest tacitly leaves the possibility for a transgender woman to participate.

7. Angela Ponce, the first transgender Miss contestant: An example of this new inclusivity is Angela Ponce, Miss Spain; the first transgender woman in the Miss Universe pageant in 2018.

8. Open to LGBTQ+ community: In 2014, having reigned for a year as Miss Universe Spain, Patricia Yurena Rodríguez revealed she was in a relationship with a woman.