Mistakes dog owners make all the time

Constantly feeding them treats: Relying too much on treats can make your dog just respond to food and nothing else.

Leaving your dog in a hot car: Temperature inside a car can rise fast, and even just a few minutes can be fatal for your pooch.

Waiting to punish your dog: Bad behavior should be addressed immediately.

Not understanding your dog's favorite rewards: Like humans, dogs have different preferences on how they like to be rewarded.

Using harsh cleaning products: Some cleaning products, such as bleach and ammonia, are hazardous for dogs.

Not using a seat belt for your dog: Just like us, dogs need to wear seat belts. And, yes, for the exact same reasons. So, no excuse.

Dropping the leash and "forcing" an interaction: Telling your dog to go play and make friends can be great for them, or it can be stressful. 

Thinking your dog chews your shoe as revenge: This is usually a sign of separation anxiety, and has nothing to do with revenge.

Feeding your dog off your plate: Not only does this create a bad habit, but you also risk feeding your dog something he or she shouldn't be eating.

Overfeeding your dog: When you use food as a way to give your dog some love, it can have negative consequences. 

Lecturing your dog: Telling your dog "don't do this again," and lecturing them on what's right or wrong, is rarely effective.

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