Morning views: Australia's best camping spots

Ormiston Gorge, NT - Ormiston Gorge, in the West MacDonnell Ranges, has been dubbed one of the best swimming spots in Australia.

Ormiston Gorge, NT - Roam free, either swimming or walking, among red rocks and get yourself emersed in the NT.

Dales Gorge, WA - Dales Gorge campground is the perfect spot where to set up for the night. You have Mount Bruce, Australia's second-highest peak, and swim-friendly gorges all at your reach.

Dales Gorge, WA - The Dales Gorge is found in Karijini National Park, where you can get lost among red rocks, wander through waterfalls, and enjoy your days embraced by nature.

Cockatoo Island, NSW - For those who didn't already know, Cockatoo Island is a UNESCO heritage site found in the heart of Sydney Harbour.

Cockatoo Island, NSW - The tents and camping areas are mostly located on the northern side of the island, with views to Woolwich, NSW.

Uluru, NT - What would this list be without Uluru? The Red Centre's most famous sandstone monolith boasts of camping spots nearby. Ayers Rock Campground is a popular one.

Uluru, NT - Imagine enjoying sundown with the best company—Uluru, that is.

Boderee National Park, ACT - If you're a Sydneysider (or not), Boderee National Park is a close-ish reach from the NSW capital.

Boderee National Park, ACT -
The park boasts of lookouts, viewpoints, camping spots, and areas where to just sit, chill, and take in the view.

Mitchell Falls, WA - The National Park boasts of types of scenery, from rock formations to flatter terrains—ideal for setting up camp for the night.

Cooinda, NT -
Cooinda Camping Ground in Kakadu National Park is located next to Yellow Water Billabong wetlands (pictured).

Cooinda, NT -
Aside from camping, Cooinda's billabong is a great place to cruise for crocodile and bird watching.

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