Most Beautiful Countries in the World

10. Comoros, Rated 6.22/10: Formed by 3 islands in the southeast of Africa, Comoros is an enchanting archipelago with beaches of crystal clear waters and white sand.

9. Papua New Guinea: North of Australia, this island is famous for its active volcanoes. It has immense biological diversity thanks to its coral reefs and stretched beaches. Its score is 6.39/10.

8. France: With countless forests rich in oak, chestnut, and olive trees, natural caves, and incredible mountains with snow-capped peaks. A must-see with 6.51/10 points.: 

7. India: Unsurprisingly, India is on this list. A vast country, it has many natural wonders such as the Himalayan peaks, jungles, beautiful lakes, and dry areas. With 6.54/10.

6. Kenya: As does Tanzania, Kenya holds an immense savanna with incredible wildlife. Furthermore, it has a beautiful coastal area on the Indian Sea. The country comes in sixth with 6.70/10.

5. Mexico: Thanks to its great variety of landscapes, from mountains to beaches, jungles, deserts, swamps, and natural caves, Mexico ranks fifth in the world with a score of 6.96/10.

4. Tanzania: Africa's number one country is Tanzania, marked by vast plains full of wildlife such as lions, elephants, leopards, rhinos, and buffaloes. Tanzania's score was 6.98/10.

3. Colombia: This South American nation not only has a beautiful coastal area with crystalline beaches on the Caribbean. Colombia is in third place with 7.16 /10.

2. New Zealand: Volcanoes, glaciers, and magnificent mountain peaks, some of them the background of famous movies and TV series, New Zealand reaches a Natural Beauty score of 7.27/10.

1. Indonesia: With more than 17,000 spectacular islands, tropical forests, and incredible beaches, Indonesia takes first place in this ranking with a score of 7.77 /10.