Most Beautiful Snakes in the World

Emerald Tree Boa:This snake’s name suits it perfectly and mainly refers to its vivid emerald-green coloration. This green base body color is accentuated and broken up by small, irregular.

Eyelash Viper:One of the most notable and beautiful varieties is the eyelash viper. This fearsome, usually electric-yellow snake has protruding, eyelash-like scales just above its large eyes. 

Blue Malayan:like several others on this list, also native to Southeast Asia. Their coloration is absolutely stunning, with bright, blood-red heads and tails, bluish-black bodies.

Rough-Scaled Bush Viper:also sometimes known as the hairy bush viper. It is mainly unique for its bizarre yet beautiful outward-pointing keeled scales which give it a strikingly dragon-like appear.

Rhinoceros Viper:live only in West and Central Africa, mainly in countries like Ghana, Sudan, Cameroon, and Uganda. More specifically, it resides in densely forested areas near water.

Red-Sided Garter Snake:however, is perhaps the most beautiful, with either vivid blue or yellow stripes stretching across its brightly-colored red body. The snake’s head is typically bright red.

Paradise Flying Snake:There are several different species within the Chrysopelea genus of flying snakes, but the paradise tree variety is the most beautiful by far. 

Sunbeam Snake: owe their beauty primarily to the highly iridescent scales that cover their entire bodies. While their main body color is a more drab gray, black, or brown.

Rainbow Snake: also known as the eel moccasin, is another species with a name that suits it perfectly. These mostly aquatic snakes have a truly mesmerizing coloration, particularly on their sides .

 Indian Cobra:It has a few additional common names, such as the Asian cobra or, more notably, the spectacled cobra, thanks to its strange, bespectacled eye-shaped markings on the back of its hood.

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