Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Puerto Rico

 Rio Espiritu Santo Falls:can be reached via a moderately difficult trail through the mossy green forest.Although this waterfall isn’t as popular as some of the others that may work to your advantage

Las Delicias Falls: are located in Ciales. From the road, you can see the falls, but when you get up close, it’s a whole different experience. There is a crystal clear pool below the cascade, perfect

 Salto Curet Falls: may not be an easy waterfall to reach, but once you’ve arrived, it is well worth it. You must drive along a curving, winding road through Maricao to reach the falls. 

La Coca Falls:is easily one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Puerto Rico.It takes about 5 miles along the La Coca Trail to reach the falls located at the entrance to the El Yunque National Forest.

Charco El Hippie Waterfall:is known as one of Puerto Rico’s hidden gems. The falls have many areas for swimming, including a rope you can swing on to cannonball right into the water. 

 La Mina Falls:Hiking La Mina Trail is the best way to see La Mina Falls.Even though the hike is less than a mile it is considered quite difficult due to the concrete stairs you encounter on the way.

 Gozalandia Falls: is one of the most popular waterfalls in Puerto Rico. The falls tend to be quite crowded because tourists come from all over the world. This waterfall is so popular because of how 

Juan Diego Falls:are an amazing set of waterfalls located in the El Yunque National Forest. Getting to the falls is fairly easy, and once you’ve reached the pools, you can cool off by swimming.

Las Tinajas Falls: The walk to the falls takes about a half hour and is best suited for hikers who are more experienced. There are many cliffs and rope swings nearby so you can jump off them once you

Poza Negra Falls: is a waterfall called Poza Negra Falls that not many people know about. The falls cascade down jagged rocks into a pool below at the height of 130 feet.

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