Most Boring Subjects in School

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Math: Maths is just so boring there is barely any freedom in the subject. Multiplications division adding and subtracting .

P.E.: We had to take a test on P.E. I find a waste of time. I really want the lockers to have stalls so kids do not get tortured and have keys instead if locks. 

Religious Studies: There are several major religions globally, and each has their own beliefs. But here's the thing. Some of their beliefs make little sense, but if you analyze them further.

English: I am a weirdo who tends to lean to the classics of literature more than modern literature, and I also really HATE searching for quotes and writing essays.

Spelling: Whenever I enter this class and my teacher says "Today we will spell toxic, phobia, mass, atmosphere, and why, now.

Science; They teach us invaluable life skills which we won't even consider using in life. They should teach us more important stuff, and science maybe kids will be interested in.

Sex Education:  Nothing too much. But it made me...Uncomfortable, dysphoric, I had the label Neutrois at the time. I don't think it's that bad.

Spanish: I usually fall asleep in Spanish because how boring it is, and the room being stuffy. My school doesn't let us pick what language we would prefer what to do.

French: My friend takes French and actually likes the curriculum but his teacher is SO rude and mean. At least the curriculum is better than mine.

American History: The quote is referring to a general understanding of history, not memorizing useless facts. I don't care about when the ALF was founded.

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