Most dangerous volcanoes

Mount St. Helens, Washington: Despite its last outbreak being in 2008, St Helens is noted for its infamous eruption of 1980 where a series of explosions caused earthquakes over several months. 

Mount Kilauea, Hawaii: The world’s most active volcanic mass, Kilauea is home to many frequent eruptions. These are nonexplosive, and are generally contained within a boiling lake of active lava

Mayon Volcano, The Philippines: This active volcano has recorded over 30 eruptions since the 17th century – with one in 1993 causing 79 deaths.

Redoubt Volcano, Alaska: The most dangerous of 51 active volcanoes in Alaska, Redoubt stands at a mammoth 10,000ft above sea level. Between 1989 and 1990.

Mount Pinatubo, Philippines: Located in the Zambales Mountains, Pinatubo is notorious for its recent 1991 eruption, which was the second largest volcanic eruption in the world.

Mount Agung, Bali: In 1963, an eruption of Mount Agung caused one of the most devastating natural disasters in the region’s history, killing as many as 1,500 people.

Mount Fuji, Japan: About 100km southwest of Tokyo, Mount Fuji is one of Japan’s ‘Three Holy Mountains’. Although lying dormant since its last eruption in 1707.

Popocatépetl, Mexico: With a name translating to ‘smoking mountain’, it’s no wonder that this volcano has been undergoing a constant eruption since 2004

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