Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces

Charlie Sheen & Denise Richards - She filed court docs claiming Charlie owed her $450k in back child support for their daughters Lola and Sami.

Kim Basinger & Alec Baldwin -  Alec claimed she spent more than $1.5m trying to bar him from having custody.

Madonna & Guy Ritchie - Madonna reportedly paid ex Guy Ritchie between $76 million to $92 million after they split in 2008.

Harrison Ford & Melissa Mathison - She walked away with an $85 million settlement, according to Forbes.

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard - When it comes to Hollywood divorces, things can get messy fast, especially when there’s a fortune at stake.

Princess Diana & Prince Charles - Lady Di reportedly walking away with $22.5 million in cash plus $600,000 a year for her office.

Bill & Melinda Gates - Melinda might have been entitled to half of Bill’s estimated $130 billion fortune.

Jeff Bezos & MacKenzie Scott - They worked out an arrangement, leaving Mackenzie with $36 billion.

Juanita & Michael Jordan - She walked away with a whopping $168 million.

Steven Spielberg & Amy Irving - Though they were only together for 4 years, he forked out $100million.

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