Most Fluffiest Animals in the World

A rodent kept as a pet, the Abyssinian guinea pig is bred for its fluffy fur, which grows over the body in interesting whorls that are called rosettes.

Another avatar of fluffy cuteness, even though an adult giant panda can weigh up to 280 pounds and stand over 6 feet tall, this beloved bear of the Chinese bamboo forest is instantly recognizable.

Like all lemurs, the ruffed lemur is native to Madagascar. It is the largest member of the Lemuridae family, with a body length of 39 to 47 inches and weight from about 7 to 9 pounds.

Silkie Chicken: This bird, also called the Chinese chicken, has been bred for hundreds of years and is admired for its fluffy, delightfully soft, and silky plumage.

Chinchilla: This medium-sized rodent also evolved its fluffy fur to live in a harsh climate, this time the cold heights of the Andean mountains of western Chile.

Samoyed: working dog’s fluffy white coat kept it warm as it herded reindeer in Siberia. It’s a spitz-like dog whose long tail, as fluffy as its body, is carried curled over its back and to one side. 

Bichon Frise: This pert little dog has a double coat, which gives it the appearance of an animated collection of cotton balls. Its fur is utterly soft, silken and grows in soft curls all over the body

Also called the poodle moth, the puppy moth looks so much like a cross between a little white puppy and a white moth that people at first doubted it was real. 

Ragamuffin Cat: The fur of this cat is quite similar to that of the Angora rabbit in its fluffiness. It is a big and robust cat with a sweet personality.

Rabbits, even wild ones, are avatars of fluffy cuddliness, but some rabbits are fluffier than others.

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