Top 10 Most Forbidden Places to Go on Earth

Snake Island: Home to thousands of species of venomous snakes, Snake Island is considered to be one of the most dangerous islands on Earth.

Room 39: The organization is estimated to bring in between $500 million and $1 billion per year or more and may be involved in illegal activities.

Vatican Secret Archives: With the Pope having primary ownership, this place is the central reservoir of the “acts” instigated by his Holy See.

Lascaux Caves: This used to be one of the main tourist attraction in France.

Queens Bedroom: Located in a restricted corner of the Buckingham Palace in England. 

North Sentinel Island: Approximately the size of Manhattan, Sentinel Islands are considered to be one of the most isolated places on Earth. 

Fort Knox: A US military base also used to house the United State’s bouillons of golds. 

Area 51: Also called Paradise Ranch and Dream Land. 

Google Data Center: Don’t you ever wonder where all Google’s answers are kept?

Hyperloop: “At its core, Hyperloop™ is a tube-based inter and intra-city transportation system for passengers and cargo.

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