The most fragrant flowers to plant in your garden

Jasmine is thought to be one of the most fragrant flowers in the world. 

Chocolate vine
The unusual semi-evergreen plant sprouts dark purple flowers that give off a unique chocolatey scent.

Ylang-ylang is native to the rain forests of Asia and Australia, and is sometimes called the perfume tree.

Hydrangeas burst with tightly packed petals in bright colors during the spring and summer. 

Lavender is one of the most common flowers to be used in scented products. 

Frangipani, also known as plumeria, is a flower that thrives best in warm or tropical climates.

The orange jessamine has waxy white flowers and an exceptionally strong scent (of oranges, of course).

The luscious layered flowers are so heavy that they tend to bend a little, so they may require staking, but they're so beautiful and sweet-smelling that it's worth the effort.

The flowers can be white, pink, mauve, or violet. They give off a strong scent that's both sweet and spicy and is often used in perfumes.

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