Top 10 Happiest Dogs

Golden Retriever:2 seconds after this picture, this Golden Retriever puppy was definitely happy to eat that dandelion.

Labrador Retriever:This Labrador Retriever is happy to let you in on his secret!

Australian Shepherd:Just like humans, this Australian Shepherd shows you can smile with your mouth and your eyes at the same time.

German Shepherd:I can’t tell which part of this German Shepherd is happier. His mouth or his ears!

Chihuahua:This chihuahua looks like he’d be equally happy cuddling with you or taking a nap right about now.

Pit Bull Terrier:I hope we can find a ball big enough for this Pit Bull Terrier to play with! What a smile.

Pomeranian Spitz:This Pomeranian is more floof than actual dog, but that doesn’t make him any less happy! Me either.

Alaskan Malamute:Even dogs that are normally kept indoors need to roll around in the grass, like this ecstatic Alaskan Malamute here.

Dalmatian:Normally associated with firehouses, I think this Dalmatian would be happy to play with you anywhere!

Pug:Speaking of taking a nap, this pug reminds us dogs need recharge time just like we do.

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