Most hated tv episodes

 "Father Frank, Full of Grace" from 'Shameless' - After a successful 11 seasons, Showtime's 'Shameless' aired its series finale on April 11, 2021, called "Father Frank".

"The Bells" from 'Game of Thrones' - The series' penultimate episode was the lowest-rated in the show's history.

"The Banker" from 'The Office' - An investment banker comes to meet with Toby to find out about the office, and the rest of the episode is a clip show. 

"Fly" from 'Breaking Bad' - Though it's the show's most frequently disliked episode.

"The Lost Sister" from 'Stranger Things' - Fans unanimously hated the episode where Eleven travels to Chicago, meets her sister Kali, and embraces her dark side. 

"The One with the Invitation" from 'Friends' - All five of the series' clip shows land at the bottom of the rankings, with this episode voted the worst ever.

"Advanced Introduction to Finality" from 'Community' - Without showrunner Dan Harmon, Season 4 was off, most obviously in the season finale.

"Remember the Monsters?" from 'Dexter' - The IMDb rating for the series finale was a stunningly low 4.9, largely due to the abandonment of Dexter's series-long character arc.

"Beer Bad" from 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' - Fans agree that this standalone episode.

"Calling All Cars" from 'The Sopranos' - Fans called this episode disappointing, slow, and awkward.

"Black Market" from 'Battlestar Galactica' - Apollo investigates a black market, sleeps with a prostitute, and kills a child trafficker in cold blood.

"Indian Takers" from 'Arrested Development' - This episode was another good example of what happens when you spend an episode on the least compelling characters.

"Fear Her" from 'Doctor Who' - In a poll from 2015, this episode where the Doctor and Rose travel to London, where kids are disappearing.

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