Most popular sports in countries around the world

Angola - Most popular sport: soccer.
The Angolan soccer team, known as the Palancas Negras, qualified for the World Cup for the first time in its history in 2005.

Argentina - Most popular sport: soccer.
Argentina's national team, as well as its national clubs, are intimidating opponents for other teams.

Australia - Most popular sport: Australian football.
This sport is also known as Australian rules football or 'footy.'

Austria - Most popular sport: skiing.
With all the snow-filled mountains, it is no wonder that skiing is such a popular sport here.

Brazil - Most popular sport: soccer.
Like Germany, Brazil has qualified and played in every single World Cup.

Estonia - Most popular sport: skiing.
Otepää, the 'winter capital' of Estonia, was the site of the FIS Cross-Country World Cup in 2005-2006.

Finland - Most popular sport: ice hockey.
Finland is one of the best teams in the world in this sport and has given us big players such as Saku Koivu and Ville Peltonen.

France - Most popular sport: soccer.
France has produced some great soccer players. In 1998, France had a memorable win over Brazil at the World Cup.

Japan - Most popular sport: baseball.
Nippon Professional Baseball is the main national baseball league in Japan, founded in 1950.

Laos - Most popular sport: kickboxing.
The variation of kickboxing that is most popular in this country is Muay Lao.

Latvia - Most popular sport: basketball.
In the first edition of EuroBasket in 1935, Latvia became Europe's champion.

Netherlands - Most popular sport: soccer.
Football was introduced in the Netherlands in the 19th century by Pim Mulier, who founded the team HFC Haarlem.

New Zealand - Most popular sport: rugby.
New Zealand's rugby union team is one of the best in the world.

Philippines - Most popular sport: basketball.
The Philippine Basketball Association is the nation's leading basketball league, founded in 1975.

Turkey - Most popular sport: soccer.
Süper Lig is the biggest sporting event held in the country.

Venezuela - Most popular sport: baseball.
This sport is extremely popular in the country. The country even has the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League.

Vietnam - Most popular sport: soccer.
Vietnam's national team has never participated in a World Cup, but the sport is very popular there.

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