Most Savage ‘SNL’ Political Impersonations

Heading 1

George H.W. Bush: When more people remember a president via his portrayal on SNL than his real-life persona.

Bob Dole: It wasn’t really an impression so much as Norm MacDonald dressing up like Bob Dole and then acting.

Bill Clinton: Hartman is a strong contender for the greatest pound-for-pound not-ready-for-primetime utility player ever.

Ben Carson: You always wished Pharoah (and the show) had been able to find his footing a bit more with his take on Obama.

Michelle Bachmann: The former Minnesota representative’s increased appearances on the show coincided with the initial rise.

Hilary Clinton: With all due respect to Ana Gasteyer and Amy Poehler, McKinnon has assumed the mantle of the quintessential SNL.

Joe Biden: If Barack Obama left SNL puzzled as to how to satirize him (though we are fans of the Rock’s hulked out version.

Dick Cheney: One of the most gifted mimics in the show’s history, Hammond not only brought his voice skills to playing.

Will Ferrell: Ferrell put so much dimensionality into his fratboy-ish Dubya performance that he often did a better job.

Gerald Ford: The original SNL Presidential impression really wasn’t really an impression at all – it was basically Chase dressed.

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